A personal profile of entrepreneur Mark Evans.

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Video educates in a dynamic and visual way. It illustrates complex ideas easily, stepping viewers through the processes of your business. Use video to make a compelling and thorough case about why you're different.
Communication is about more than information–it's about emotion. The combination of sight and sound in video sets a tone for your message. The right tone can make all the difference to customers who need reassurance and confidence in today's cluttered marketplace.
Bring your branding and identity to life with motion graphics, music and voice-over. Video makes your business jump off the page. There's a whole new level to establishing your identity in the captivating world of video.
Video is ”sticky” content. It generates longer site visits, which translates into trust and loyalty from your viewer. The longer a potential customer stays on your site, the more deeply they build an unconscious relationship with you as a provider.
What makes your business special? Why should I trust you? Savvy prospective clients need to be convinced your business is the right choice. A polished video establishes your credentials and makes a direct appeal to customers' concerns.
Use video to outmaneuver your competition. There's a story to tell about what you do, and video tells that story more convincingly than anything else. It suggests you're the leader in your field, and ultimately, the right choice.